How to get support on Mystical Machines?


Go to the #support-1 or #support-2 channels on Discord and let us know what you need help with! Link to discord


Use the command /ticket ingame to create a ticket.



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Hi there, Toaster!

Thanks for visiting, let me explain what happened...

ToastyNetworks was closed on 12 November 2019. Several reasons have led to this decision, but the most important one is Kai's personal/health issues that prevented him from continuing to operate and developing for ToastyNetworks. Kai and Rubbertjuh have had several long discussions about this but mutually agreed it was best to close down the network...

This definitely wasn't an easy decision to make. Kai has been a Minecraft Developer since 2014 and has dedicated almost every day since helping running modded Minecraft communities.

After retiring for a while, Rubbetjuh's interest in community management, plugin development, and modded Minecraft reignited. When ToastyNetworks closed, a community that I and many others worked tirelessly on, it was time to start something new and different. This is when Rubbertjuh started working on Mystical Machines.

Join us, on Discord

Trust us, you'll see many familiar faces...