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Go to the #support-1 or #support-2 channels on Discord and let us know what you need help with! Link to discord


Use the command /ticket ingame to create a ticket.



Seablock: Rustic Waters

Modpack version: 1.3.8
Minecraft version: 1.12.2



Seablock: Rustic Waters is a unique underwater experience. You begin the journey on a small enclosed underwater hub. Frigid ocean waters stretch from near bedrock to near max build height. Follow the in-depth quest guide to learn how to generate resources, automate processes, and if you advance your technology far enough, eventually escape to a land-filled paradise. This pack is filled with atmosphere and gives you a "Subnautica-esque" feeling of adventure. Traverse the ocean in your personal submarine to explore monuments, shipwrecks, and even underwater villages where you can participate in a deep economy to further your advancements. Expand your hub manually, using a plethora of tools, gadgets, and diving gear... and/or take advantage of the automated Hub Expansion system to branch out quickly. Either way, you will learn how to make the best use of your resources and your space. This modpack is server friendly, with a custom-designed system made to spread new players into their own hubs a reasonable distance from other players, but not so far that they couldn't visit one another in their submarines.

No events or competitions planned.


This server has custom warps to places of interest.



A custom spawn built just for this modpack.


Use one of our kits to get a head start in some mod!


Vote for our network to receive rewards on this server.


Create your own shops or browse other shops.


Both online and offline chunk loading is available to everyone on this server.


Try your luck with one of the crates on this server. Will you win a Project E kit? Or maybe a Creative item? Best of luck!



This server currently only offers Player versus Environment.

:small_orange_diamond:1) Spamming, advertising, and excessive use of capitals will not be tolerated.

:small_orange_diamond:2) Swearing and NSFW topics need to be kept reasonable. Excessive swearing or overly graphic discussions may be met with punishment.

:small_orange_diamond:3) Harassment, bullying, disrespect, and discrimination will not be tolerated. If you have a problem with someone, contact a staff member.

:small_orange_diamond:4) Nicknames which contain links, advertisements, or zalgo characters are not allowed on Discord or in-game.

:small_orange_diamond:5) Stick to using English in all text chats, however, feel free to discuss using other languages in private or voice chats.

:small_orange_diamond:6) Use common sense and be civil at all times. This includes in-game building and conversation on the network.

:small_orange_diamond:7) Recording any content in Discord Voice Chats without consent from all parties is not allowed. This is actually breaking the law in multiple countries around the world.

:small_orange_diamond:8) Spamming voice chat, being overly loud, or playing "ear rape" type sounds are not allowed.

Spatial Storage Cell 2,16,128 >>> Causes TPS Issues >>> Applied Energistics 2

Aluminium Post >>> Duplication Bug >>> Immersive Engineering

Duskflame Hex >>> Claim & PvP Bypass >>> Cyclic Magic

Openblocks Fan >>> Causes TPS Issues >>> Openblocks

Florb >>> Claim & PvP Bypass >>> Thermal Expansion

Spatial IO Port >>> Causes TPS Issues >>> Applied Energistics 2

Spatial Pylon >>> Causes TPS Issues >>> Applied Energistics 2

Acceleration Wand >>> Causes TPS Issues >>> Not Enough Wands

Protection Wand >>> Use /kit claim instead >>> Not Enough Wands

Gun Turret >>> PvP Bypass >>> Immersive Engineering

Weather Obelisk >>> Over Powered Weather Control >>> Ender IO

Engineer’s Tool Box >>> Duplication Bug >>> Immersive Engineering

Shipping Bin >>> Duplication Bug >>> Harvestcraft

Inventory Crafting Table >>> Client Crashes >>> Cyclic Magic

Empty Sack of Holding >>> Claim Bypass >>> Cyclic Magic

Weirding Gadget >>> Use /bcl instead >>> The Weirding Gadget

Offroad vehcile>>> Duplication bug >>> Zoo and wild animals mod

Golden egg >>> Claim Bypass >>> Open blocks