How to get support on Mystical Machines?


Go to the #support-1 or #support-2 channels on Discord and let us know what you need help with! Link to discord


Use the command /ticket ingame to create a ticket.



MC Eternal

Modpack version: 1.5.0
Minecraft version: 1.12.2



There is plenty to discover in all aspects of Eternal and there is plenty of unique twists to keep you engaged. MCE uses basic crafting recipes. I realized blending the fun parts from the likes of modded skyblock (quests, shop, etc along with RPG elements) in a kitchen sink pack that's not too complicated turns out is super enjoyable for all types of players (especially with friends! :D) *Get rewarded for doing whatever you feel like doing with the expansive questing system!*

No events or competitions planned.


This server has custom warps to places of interest.



A custom spawn built just for this modpack.


Use one of our kits to get a head start in some mod!


Vote for our network to receive rewards on this server.


Create your own shops or browse other shops.


Both online and offline chunk loading is available to everyone on this server.


Try your luck with one of the crates on this server. Will you win a Project E kit? Or maybe a Creative item? Best of luck!



This server currently only offers Player versus Environment.

:small_orange_diamond:1) Spamming, advertising, and excessive use of capitals will not be tolerated.

:small_orange_diamond:2) Swearing and NSFW topics need to be kept reasonable. Excessive swearing or overly graphic discussions may be met with punishment.

:small_orange_diamond:3) Harassment, bullying, disrespect, and discrimination will not be tolerated. If you have a problem with someone, contact a staff member.

:small_orange_diamond:4) Nicknames which contain links, advertisements, or zalgo characters are not allowed on Discord or in-game.

:small_orange_diamond:5) Stick to using English in all text chats, however, feel free to discuss using other languages in private or voice chats.

:small_orange_diamond:6) Use common sense and be civil at all times. This includes in-game building and conversation on the network.

:small_orange_diamond:7) Recording any content in Discord Voice Chats without consent from all parties is not allowed. This is actually breaking the law in multiple countries around the world.

:small_orange_diamond:8) Spamming voice chat, being overly loud, or playing "ear rape" type sounds are not allowed.


  • Spatial Storage Cell 2, 16, 128  >>  Causes TPS Issues >> Applied energistics 2
  • Aluminium Post  >>  Duplication bug >> Immersive engineering
  • Ambush Trap  >>  Server Crash >> DungeonTactics
  • April Fool Pet  >>  Claim Bypass>> Inventory pets
  • Cube of Annihilation  >>  Claim Bypass >> The twilight forest
  • Building Scepter  >>  Duplication bug >> Cyclic
  • Dimension Builder  >>  Dimension creation is restricted, causes TPS issues >> RFTools dimensions
  • Dimlet Workbench  >>  Dimension creation is restricted, causes TPS issues >> RFTools dimensions
  • Drone Cases  >>  Causes TPS lag >> Opencomputers
  • Duskflame Hex  >>  Claim & PvP Bypass >> Cyclic
  • Eclipsed Clock  >>  Over powered world time control >> Random things
  • Explosive Rail  >>  Claim Bypass >> Stupid things
  • Bazooka  >>  Claim Bypass
  • Fan  >>  Causes TPS lag >> Openblocks
  • Florb  >>  Claim & PvP Bypass >> Thermal expansion
  • Framed Fancy Workbench  >>  Duplication bug >> Bibliocraft
  • Portal Gun  >>  Claim Bypass >> Portalgun
  • Purple Crystal Shulker Box  >>  Causes TPS lag >> Iron chests
  • Quantum Quarry  >>  Causes TPS lag >> Extra utilities 2
  • Quantum Quarry Proxy  >>  Causes TPS lag >> Extra utilities 2
  • Robust Twilight Oak Sapling  >>  Causes TPS lag >> The twilight forest
  • Spatial IO Port  >>  Causes TPS lag >> Applied energistics 2
  • Spatial Pylon  >>  Causes TPS lag >> Applied energistics 2
  • Weather Eggs  >>  Over powered weather control >> Random things
  • Redstone Clock  >>  TPS lag >> Extra utilities 2
  • EFLN  >>  Claim Bypass >> Tinkers construct
  • Piggy BackPack  >>  Server Lag >> Tinkers construct
  • Shard of Laputa I V X XV XX  >>  Claim Bypass >> Botania
  • Builders wand  >>  Duplication bug >> Extra utilities 2
  • Gun Turret  >>  PVP Bypass >> Immersive engineering
  • Chemical Thrower  >>  PVP Bypass >> Immersive engineering
  • Weather Obelisk  >>  Over powered weather control >> Ender IO
  • Dank Null Dock  >>  Duplication bug >> /dank/null
  • Teru Teru Bozu  >>  Constant weather changing is no fun >> Botania
  • Engineer’s Tool Box  >>  Duplication bug >> Immersive engineering
  • Shipping Bin  >>  Duplication bug >> Pams harvest craft
  • Inventory Crafting Table  >>  Crashes your client >> Cyclic
  • Industrial chunk loader  >>  Chunkloader, use /bcl instead! >> Tech reborn
  • Empty Sack of Holding  >>  Claim bypass >> Cyclic
  • Time in a bottle  >>  Causes TPS issues >> Random Things
  • Potion Brewer >> Causes Client crashing >> Industrial Foregoing


  • Ghost Explosives >> Unfortunately this mod does not respect claim protection, this is an issue in the mod itself.
  • Farseek >> Issue with Sponge
  • Streams >> Incompatible with Sponge